Our Mission & Team

Our Mission

While moments of inspiration are never the whole story on the road to success, Daniel Coyle, in his book “The Talent Code”, describes them as a gateway to the years of hard work and passion required to get there. He calls them “ignition”. The more often a community and its members experience these moments, the higher the likelihood that a hotbed of talent will develop. And the higher the likelihood of a “if they can do it, so can I” attitude will surface. In other words, a spark is ignited.

I had my own doubts about building a startup in Nova Scotia. By now, I know I’m not the first one. I even went as far as moving to Silicon Valley, the startup capital of the world. But I was wrong. Success is not in the location, but in the people. I’ve since gotten to know founders in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island, who are not only building technology startups, they’re building thriving companies. And they’re using our strengths as Maritimers to their advantage. This is why I set out to meet these entrepreneurs and share their stories. Our mission is to show what’s possible for startup founders here at home, hoping to be a small part of the ignition in the up-and-coming Maritime startup community.

-David Howe
Creator, Ignite The Maritimes

Our Team


Julie Guy

Everything Video

A true maritimer through and through, Julie was born and raised in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. She received her BA in Sociology and Criminology from St. Mary’s University before shifting her focus to media. She spent three years living in Fredericton, studying Multimedia & Film Production at UNB, before returning to her hometown to hone her technical skills at NSCC. She now runs a small production company, In-Point Media in Dartmouth, while studying Public Relations on the side. Always eager to tell stories, Julie is happy to be part of the Ignite The Maritimes team to showcase successful entrepreneurs in her beloved Maritimes.



    David Howe

    Asking the Tough Questions

    David was proud to grow up in Fall River, Nova Scotia, and now resides in nearby Dartmouth. His first startup, ToothbrushSubscriptions.com, was acquired by Goodmouth in 2014, after losing a bet with the well-known New Brunswick startup entrepreneur Dan Martell, who challenged David to build a bigger and better business. After that, he moved to Silicon Valley, where he helped build and sell the software startup RetailKit. David is now back in the Maritimes, hoping to contribute to the local startup community by bringing to light some of the stories of the amazing founders within.


      Michel Khouri

      The Creative

      A busy small-business owner, Michel has dedicated most of his off time to his bubbling passion: creating oil paintings and fine arts. Entrepreneurship runs deep in Michel’s family, and being born and raised a Maritimer, he was more than happy to join Ignite the Maritimes as co-producer. Michel brings a creative spark to the team, and he hopes that sharing the stories of the amazing founders interviewed in each episode will help fuel the next generation of Maritime entrepreneurs.